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MWCIAW v2c10.5

Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World Volume 2 chapter 10.5

Editor: TheDefend


A group of vehicle approached the fort city’s wall.

「Commander, may the fortune of war be with you!」

『Ah, you too Sergeant』

After saying that, Sergeant Funasaka saluted toward Kazuya and said goodbye.

The fourth squad was equip with 2 humvee, 1 armored car (M1126 Stryker ICV), 2 armored car (M1128 Stryker MGS) and 2 heavy truck (Isuzu Type 73) with total of 7 cars on the way towards south gate of the fort city.

......I can see it.

After crossing the plain for few minutes, the south city wall become clearly visible.

Enemy at the south gate have twice the number than the north gate, the enemy are busy with looting inside the wall and didn't notice the approaching fourth squad.

「Car #3 and #4, shoot two grenades towards the enemy near the gate. After we have enter the interior, shoot with white phosphorus grenade
out of the gate and don’t let the enemy reinforcements come inside.」

『『Yes sir!!』』

According to Sergeant Funasaka orders, two Stryker MGS shoot a grenade from M68A1E4 105mm towards the enemy.


「Hey, Stop!」

In the place where many soldiers are looting to and fro, suddenly grenades landed in the middle of them and kill a large numbers of soldiers there in the blink of an eye.

「S-someone!! Help,please help me!!」

「M-my leg!! My leg are gone!?」

Some of soldiers lucky enough to survive but many soldiers keep screaming and writhing

「Now, charge!!」

During the confusion of the Imperial Army who suffered a sudden attack and received a large number of casualties, Sergeant Funasaka squad break through the gate and rush into the inside of the city.

「Get off!! Prepare for battle!!」

Sergeant Funasaka run out from the humvee and plunge into a group enemy alone while holding Type-38 Rifles equip with Type 30 bayonet.



「Weak! It too weak!!」

Sergeant Funasaka cries out loudly while knocking down enemy soldiers who fall into a panic state and does not know what is going on.

「S-sergeant!! Again!! Please don’t go by yourself without notice!」

Corporal Makino serving as an adjutant to Sergeant Funasaka shouted as she was amazed while taking command of the squad instead of Sergeant Funasaka who rampaged without taking command of his squad.

「What, since you are taking command, there will be no problem」

While responding to the words of the Corporal Makino, Sergeant Funasaka shot the enemy who lied down beside him in the heart using Type-38 Rifles.

Then, he used Type-38 buttstock to hit the enemy stomach from behind him and slash the head of another soldier who attacked him from front using the Type-38 bayonet. After that, he finished the soldier who was lying in pain by stabbing him on chest.

「That's not a problem!! And, please do not assault in such old-fashioned equipment!! It make me worry!!」

「What is old-fashioned equipment!! Type-38 Rifles is the most suitable for me in combat!! -Oops!?」

Sergeant Funasaka talking with Corporal Makino while killing the enemy, the Imperial Army recovers from the confusion and begins to counterattacks.
10 enemy musketeers file in two rows and aims toward sergeant Funasaka.

But Sergeant Funasaka noticed it that he has been targeted by the enemy musketeers, he protect himself by hiding in shadows before the musketeers could pull the trigger.

「Beside, I will not let go Type-38 Rifles that I received directly from Commander!!」

He peeped his face from behind the scenes. Sergeant Funasaka confirmed the musketeers reloading bullets in a hurry, he attached the Type 100 grenade launcher at his Type-38 Rifles and load it with Type 10 grenade.

Then he jumped out from the shadow and shoot Type 10 grenade toward the enemy musketeers who were taking their time for reloading.

「Oh dear」

The grenade landed on the enemy gunpowder barrel and blow the entire place. All the enemy soldiers near the gunpowder barrel get blown away and torn apart into pieces.

「Directly!? That's because Sergeant forcefully negotiated with Commander to use Type-38 Rifles!! Even Commander showed a bitter smile when Sergeant said it!!」

「Is that so? Hahahahaha!! I already forgot!! ―muh!?」

Sergeant Funasaka, who was talking to Corporal Makino,while mowing down the imperial soldiers, detached the Type 100 grenade launcher in order to recharge his Type 38 rifle with a fresh clip of 5 Type 38 cartridges, he had to pull the breechblock, insert the clip and slide the breechblock back to forward position, then once the breechblock gets stuck it becomes impossible to return it to its position.

...this is bad.

Enemy soldiers who see it as an opportunity then immediately charge at Sergeant Funasaka in unison while shouted loudly as they could.

「「「Death to fools who does not follow the empire!! Death to the heathens who sided with demi-human!!」」」

―― Zashu! !

「What the heck is that!!」

Saying so, Sergeant Funasaka releases the Type-38 Rifles from his hand and he unleashes the knives on his waist then jumps over the enemy and slash their neck.


The enemy soldiers who were bounced off in a moment spurt out a tremendous amount of blood from the cut surface, and fell to the ground with a thud.

「 Fuh!! It’s beautiful」

Sergeant Funasaka swing his knives to throws away the blood attached on it and put it back in the sheath then he picks up Type-38 Rifles back.
And he threw Type-38 Rifles like a spear toward the magician who was about to release magic.



Type-38 Rifles flew straight toward the magician and penetrates to his chest.

「it’s in the middle... no, a little to the left」

While saying that word, Sergeant Funasaka went to the side of the wizard. He grap the Type-38 Rifles and pulled out of it.

「Is there no one who can offer a better fight!!?」

――chong chong

Some of the soldiers drop their weapon after they heard Sergeant Funasaka word.

Sergeant Funasaka noticed that Corporal Makino come to him with an amazed look on her face.

「Um ... it's already over?」

「Em... It seem so」

After Sergeant Funasaka say that, Corporal Makino look at the surrounded and saw all enemy escaping at full speed toward the gates and threw away all their weapons away.

But, the white phosphorus left by the Stryker MGS armored car still burning on ground and continued to burn while giving off white smoke, so the enemy soldiers who ran away decided to thrust into that burning hell.


「hot!? What !? What is this fire!! The fire still do not go away even when water is applied!?」
「Gaaaaa!! Hot!! Hot!!」

An unfortunate soldier who had white phosphorus attached to their bare skin when escaping was struggling with a fire that did not disappear even when water was applied.

Burns caused by white phosphorus are unlike normal burns, the surroundings of the wound become yellow and accompanied by a smell like garlic.

In addition, white phosphorus does not disappear easily even water is applied. So the only method remove it was cut off the place where the white phosphorus attached along with the skin, but the soldiers who fled to the Imperial Army base are desperately trying to put out water on their body to erase the fire and doesn't think of this method.

(t/n : Phosphorus burns carry a greater risk of mortality than other forms of burns due to the absorption of phosphorus into the body through the burned area. white phosphorus continues to burn unless deprived of oxygen or until it is completely consumed.)


The day after repelling the Imperial Army

「Good morning, Sergeant」

「Oh, good morning」

Yesterday, The fourth squad has build a fortification in the vicinity of the wall gate.

「Here you go」

Corporal Makino brought a hot drink for Sergeant Funasaka who had been on night duty for midnight assault.

「Thank you」

Sergeant Funasaka say thanks to Corporal Makino while receiving his drink.

「...Hey, Corporal ? I have something to ask」

「...What is it? Sergeant」

「the word that enemy say yesterday, does corporal know anything?」

「What did they say?」

「Death to the heathens who sided with demi-human.... I wonder if it was? Are they religious fanatic?」

「It is a subtle place. I do not know the details, but... surely the enemy - Elsa Magic Empire should have promoted the country to believe the religion of Rowenism. It is true that the enemy's religion is dark because of that」

「What kind of religion is Rowenism?」

「eh.... Zakkuri was God of Rowenism told his believer that only human should exist and other imitation of human something like ghost and demi-human should perish, they must destroy it. He say something like that」

「....Anyway, it's an extreme religion.... Hmm? Certainly, Were the Imperial forces not devastating demons? Is the demon good?」

「Who know? I don’t know much about it..... Ah.... There is a place in the empire's territory where it is said that the god of Rowenism descended, It is called a sacred place and it seems that religious fanatic saw it as a sacred place has its management and operation become like a kind of autonomous district」

「Is there such a place... Hmm, the question is how much is the strength of faith of the enemy? It is considerably troubling if it’s on Colonel Chitose extreme level who is worshiping the commander ......」

「I think that is all right. Because there's no one that have a high faith surpasing Colonel Chitose. Well, if the faith of religious fanatics is 10, Colonel Chitose who loves the Commander has about 100 faiths (thoughts). If anything happens to the Commander, she will shoot nuclear to the enemy without hesitation and nothing will stop her」

「Even if it’s her she wouldn’t.... Wait,I can't argue with that, If it is Colonel Chitose」
(T/n:little bit of spoiler> Chitose “almost” fire a nuclear missile toward the empire capital<)

When Sergeant Funasaka and Corporal Makino were laughing at each other 's face.

「eh!? All get downー!!」

At that moment, Sergeant Funasaka stopped laughing and noticed something. He was shocked and immediately cried to everyone while pushing down Corporal Makino.


The wall gate suddenly blew away without any trace.
Sergeant Funasaka and Corporal Makino were exposed to the violent blast of the explosion and temporarily lose consciousness.

「...... Gefu~tsu, gefu~tsu!! What the hell happen?」

「Goho~tsu, goho~tsu! ! I don’t know!」

Sergeant Funasaka and Corporal Makino was buried in rubble. Both of them regains they consciousness and climb through the rubble.
「Gefu~tsu, gefu~tsu! ! Corporal Makino, confirm the safety of our men, hurry!!」

「Goho~tsu, goho~tsu! ! roger that!!」

Corporal Makino has received an order from Sergeant Funasaka and run off to check other soldier while Sergeant Funasaka lend a hand to the soldiers which were buried near him. Kazuya voice can be heard from radio/walkie talkie.

『――rgent!! Fourth squad!! Is there someone there!! Hey! Sergeant Funasaka!! Respond!!』

――Zā, zā, ji~tsu

「Gofu~tsu, Here, Fourth squad... Sergeant Funasaka.... I’m fine somehow」

『Report the situation over there!』

「Yes. Goho, fourth squad ... .... casualties many ... ... but battle is still poss―」

While the dust floating around goes into the mouth and nose, Sergeant Furusaka returns answer to Kazuya while looking around. The soldiers who successfully crawled from the rubble had a small and large wound.

However, In the line of sight of Sergeant Funasaka there was a figure of a soldier who was buried halfway in rubble and did not move an inch.

『Fourth squad!! The enemy will come!! All members retreat to the 2nd wall castle!!』

「Commander.. Our evacuation is not going to make it in time. About us.... Please give up on us」

『Don’t be stupid!! if you cannot keep your evacuation in time, I will pick you up from here!! Do not die!!』

――Butsuri (Radio sound)

The voice of Kazuya finally were finally cut off

「what commander say?」

Corporal Makino, who was away from Sergeant Funasaka’s side to confirm the safety of his subordinates, came back and said so.

「Oh, he will come and pick us back」

「....will he make it in time?」

「I don’t know. What the situation?」

Sergeant Funasaka who is preparing for combat asked Corporal Makino for the status of the situation.

「Yes, The traps in the vicinity of the gates are extinguished by explosions and the vehicles are all tipped over by the blast. Ammunition of 73-type large truck also got blown away, the remaining ammunition is only on hand.」

「Realy.... How about our men?」

「4 deaths, 4 serious injuries, 7 minor injuries, 2 missing」

「The damage is enormous.」

When Sergeant Funasaka heard the report he was shocked,

「Enemy’s approaching!! Monster are coming!!」

「They finally come….Corporal Makino!!」

「Huh, what is it?」

I left the command to you.

「Yes!! .....Where is sergeant going to go!?」

「I have already decided. I will search for the two missing people before the commander arrive」

「eh? Wait!! Please wait!! Sergeant!? Sergeantー!!」

Ignoring Corporal Makino shout, Sergeant Funasaka slashed into a flock of monster using the military sword with one hand.


Uh,uh... where am i?

Sergeant Funasaka woke up in a severe pain emanating from his body.

After slashing into a flock of monster... he find the dead bodies that were missing... There is no memory... from where he tried to withdraw the dead bodies.

When Sergeant Funasaka is gazing at the ceiling of the white tent, he hear the cloth rustling and someone comes in.

「Oh, did you wake up?」

Saying that, a nice-looking woman sat on a chair next to the bed where Sergeant Funasaka was sleeping.

「where... this place?」

「This is the headquarters of the Imperial Army 

base. You... have became a captive」

「eh!? ...realy. Prisoner of war.... Argh!! oooohhh!!」

「Do not move!! You have a terrible injury on your whole body, so you can't​ move.... that state....」

In front of nurse whose voices gradually became smaller, a person who was supposed to be difficult to even roll over with that injury, was walking as if nothing had happened.

Sergeant Funasaka opened the entrance of the tent and went outside, he strike the sentry standing beside the entrance and take away the spear that the sentry had.

「Your enemy is here! Come on! and kill me! Hurry kill it!」

Soldiers of the Imperial Army was surprised that the prisoner who was thought to be impossible to even move suddenly began to rampage, Sergeant Funasaka Immediately attacking with their weapons.

「hah, hah, he, He's finally dead. This guy

The Imperial soldier said so after Sergeant Funasaka had been hit by unstoppable arrow that were shot by the Imperial Army.

「Fuck, making this much trouble!」

There was a corpse of dozens of soldiers who were killed by Sergeant Funasaka when the soldier looked around while muttering such word.

During the uproar a girl wielding a rod taller than her appear and the wall of soldiers begin to separate.

「What on earth is happening!?

With a thundering roar the soldiers begin to become aware of the girl's presence and take a hasty bow.

「Yes, the prisoners that we captured were rampaging... My apology. Celicia-sama, we judged that it is impossible to capture the prisoner alive because the resistance of prisoner were too strong」

「....Is that so. I had a lot of questions for this person... it can't be helped then」
After saying that, the girl called Celicia glanced at Sergeant Funasaka lying on the ground, then she walk away from there.
The remaining soldiers were relieved and patted their chests down to the relief that they were not to be punished.

「for the time being put away the corpse」

「That's right.」

When the soldiers said so they hold the hands and feet of Sergeant Funasaka and dragged him into the burial mound, the bodies of Sergeant Funasaka along with the dead body of the deceased were thrown away into the hole which is the burial mound.

――Zuri~tsu, zuri~tsu

All except soldiers on the lookout are asleep in the middle of the night.

At the headquarters of the Imperial Army base which were wrapped in darkness,  the fire of the bonfire that are set up here and there is dimly illuminating the vicinity while making the crackling sound.
However, along the moving light from the bonfire there was a sound that something crawled up from under the hole of the burial mound where there should be no one.

――Zuri~tsu, zuri~tsu, ga~tsu! !

「I....still!!... not!! Dead yet!!」

It was Sergeant Funasaka who crawled out of the hole of the corpse repository that was supposed to be dead.

Surprisingly, the wounds of Sergeant Funasaka body were all clogged. This possibly came from his will to live.

However, because of too much lose blood, the eyes of Sergeant Funasaka are blurry and his ears were inaudible.

「I still!! Not....yet!! I still.... Not dead yet!!」

Even though the injury was closed, it was not cured completely. As you can imagine moving a body that does not want to move, muttering with a small crying voice as loud as a buzzing of a mosquito, Sergeant Funasaka slowly crawling the ground

「Hee.... here!!」

Over an hour, the wounded Sergeant Funasaka arrived at the tent where  gunpowder used for musket and cannon were stored.

「now.... Look at me!!」

When Sergeant Funasaka invades into the tent, pick up some bags containing gunpowder, crawl the ground in the same way as before and sprinkle gunpowder little by little back to the hole of the corpse repository.


When Sergeant Funasaka came back to the corpse repository, it has already dawn and the sky has begin to brighten

「, asshole!!」

Sergeant Funasaka lits a fire on the gunpowder that trailed to the corpse repository with the flint stone he brought with the gunpowder.

The gunpowder which is on fire moved along the scattered gunpowder  to the tent where the gunpowder is stored.


the explosion sounded around the area, knowing that he had succeeded in blowing up the gunpowder that the imperial Army had stockpiled, Sergeant Funasaka lost his consciousness.

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extra edition : Karen's diary

t/n : thank you to deathwarror and Johnconstance for help me on chitose diary also to the one who encouragement me too. i will try my best to make my TL simple and understanding .

after this i don't know if i will be able to tl main story . this extra edition is first person view and it easy to translate.also main story was triple the length then extra edition.

thanks for reading.

joshua roqueJohnconstance , TheDefend

Extra edition Karen's diary

△  month 3rd day

....What the heck.

During a tour through the city streets, I bumped into a man and got directly kissed on my lip.

I tried to hit that man but I stopped in halfway through after thinking that I'm the one who's at fault here from not being aware of my surrounding.

But no matter what, he stole my first kiss and I was embarrassed by that. Because he took my first kiss , I had him worked as servant for 3-4 hour .

..... Surprisingly , it was fun to walk around with him.

See you aga--

N- No, nothing.

△ month 10th day

This is the worst day in my life today.

The army of Elsass Magic Empire have came to invade my territory.

The number of army are 600,000.
(t/n:chronon translations say at v2 c7 it 500,000. but in raw say 500,000 and 100,000 reserve )

There was no hope of victory for me.

I immediately gave an order to request reinforcement from the Capital , but I don't know whether this Fort city will last until the reinforcements arrived.

.....will they even send reinforcements?

Most likely, there will be no chance of victory even when the reinforcements managed to arrive in time.

Well, whatever.

.....I wonder, what will happen to me.

The face of man the other day, flickers in my mind.

Just remembering that made me a bit embarrassed .

I was more girly than I had thoughts.

△ month 11th days

The beginning of worst day, I got a report that an army of 600.000 of the Elsass Magic Empire Army has begun besieging my city wall .

Before the battle start, a messenger from the empire came and demanding us to surrender.

.....wait, they don't say that if we surrendered we won’t be harmed.

The eyes of the messenger was covered with lust when he was looking at me.

The messenger decided to go back by himself.

△ month 12th days

Intense/Fierce fighting continues.

It Makes me very uncomfortable.

△ month 13th days

The morale of soldier has fallen .

It's no wonder, because the fight is between 600,000 and 20,000.

A desperate force ratio.

Right now, it’s a miracle that we managed to hold for few days.

..... Well , the truth is they were just testing on us.

△ month 14th days

As soon as the empire began to take it seriously , the gate of the outer wall that we managed to hold up until now has fallen.

I had prepared myself that today might be the last day of my life.

......... incredible things happened right now.

The man who stole my first kiss come to me with soldiers I’ve never seen before to help me out.

I can't believe it!

I will definitely be dead if he doesn't save me.

I was quite surprised to see that man’s face at a time like this.

After the battle, there was a chance to talk with Kazuya (the one who stole my first kiss) alone... while his subordinate was nowhere to be seen near him to disrupt us.

But Kazuya was surprised to see me too.

I thought..... you came here to save me because you took my first kiss.

..... I don't want to let you die just to save me.

At this moment, I completely fell


This idiot didn't came here because of me!!

Without thinking about it, I punch this guy as hard as I could.

Hmph! serves you right!

△ month 15th days

A loud explosive sound accompanied by a shockwave jolted the whole fort city.

The third wall had a massive open crater in it.

It’s over.....

When we are in despair, Kazuya repelled the Imperial Army.

Kazuya is too gentle.

.... I'm going to help him with my private army.

△ month 16th days

I received a report that the kingdom army is on its way here ,I'm glad to hear it .


The enemy's aerial fleet and the aerial fortress appeared in front of us.

It’s obvious that we can’t hold it anymore.

I tried to be a bait and hope that I can create a chance for my people to run away from this city.

i was surprised again by Kazuya.

As soon as Kazuya muttered towards a box-like object, the enemy was wrapped in fire.

In addition, an army that has never been seen before have appeared out of nowhere.

I asked Kazuya how he did all this.

He splendidly evade the issues.

Oh well, but I won't let you off next time.

As with Kazuya’s behaviour, most likely is that he has some kind of high status from powerful country or organisation.

I was wondering how to fill the differences in status, but it saved me some trouble.

(john.ED: Well a royaltypaired with an unknown adventurer/soldier is not the best romance story for the aristocrats.)

With this we can be together soon.

I can hardly wait for that time.

...... The diary is cut off here.
(t/n : if you see any mistake please tell .)